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[SCRIPT] caliber based bullet penetration

  • the materials.dat file contains a penetration resistance parameter to correspond to the penetration value in the weapons.meta file in addition to "shoot_thru" and "shoot_thru_fx" flags.

    a materials.dat file with the shoot through flag on for every material, and a weapons.meta file with penetration values tweaked could be used with a script to add caliber based bullet penetration correct?

    so that a heavy sniper could blast through concrete and a 9mm couldn't among other real world scenarios.

    currently the default for those wanting more realistically difficult gunfights is to use a .dat file with the shoot through flag turned on for things one can reasonably shoot through and the material used for car engines swapped to solid metal with the shoot through flag turned off.

    I can't go back to everyone driving a vehicle with bulletproof body panels and 9mm slugs not punching through sheet metal, plywood, drywall, etc. but would love to see this concept go to the next level.

    I'm certainly nowhere near the level of scripting knowledge to do so myself yet but based on my years of modding multiple games it seems doable given the engine already has stats in place making it seem as if they had it in mind once upon a time.

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