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Interiors are missing at some locations..

  • Hi. So I don't use the open all interiors mod anymore but even when I did use it, I had the same issue.

    Basically, some interiors aren't actually there. For instance, I'm standing at The Lost MC clubhouse and the door is missing and inside there is collision or textures. You walk in and you fall into the void and spawn out at the compound entrance. The same thing happens at that garage in cypress flats that the vagos hang out by, the one near the foundry in endgame. This is with mp maps enabled in SNT

    With it disabled, the door of the clubhouse and garage are there and closed, but the interior inside isn't loaded then either. I do not have any sort of map mods installed. I do have menyoo also installed, but I have gone through setting after setting and I can't find anything that could be set and conflicting with SNT, and sadly I need both trainers.

    Any thoughts on why this is and what I can do to get around it?

  • Same. There are a lot of people talking about this but its spread out and hard to find. DLC interiors have been stripped by Rockstar and reserved for online players only. Rockstar needs to fix or someone make a mod that can break Rockstar's code and bring all dlc interiors back.

  • @Inked I was wrong. Rockstar did not strip DLC. Here is the fix:

  • @Alfonsix04 I don't know how the hell I just made a post with that profile but that was me. I logged out and logged back in. May be a GTA5 mods forum glitch someone needs to address!

  • @djdmaze Yes, its a glitch on the forums, from time to time you will be logged onto someone else's account... including moderators or admins and you can do whatever you want until you log out, its a big security issue which as of right now hasn't been fixed as you see

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