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Loadings screens poses Animations

  • I'm wondering if there is anyone who have enough experiences with using different animations that he know via which animations I can make players/peds look in same poses like they are in loading screens.

    What I mean is - on the loading screen photos you can see players/peds in different poses. I want to remake these photos using my modded game version but there is pretty lot animations and I'm not experienced with them as I don't use animations for photos too much. If there is anyone who would be able find and tell me what animation I can use to remake specific loading screen photo, I would appreciate it a much (:

  • sorry to disappoint you but i don't think it's possible. Im sure most of those poses don't exsist ingame as animations.
    but if you're creative enough you can find somewhat similar animations that come close the model's pose in the loading screen.
    why it's not possible is because of the fact that the art work wasn't really based on the ingame animations (i could be wrong but i'm certain of it)

  • @Raven-Widow I got what you mean, I was afraid it would be like that but yes, as you wrote at least similar ones would be enought (:

  • @ArmaniAdnr Pro tip: i'd suggest you watch missions cutscene compilations and watch mission gameplays.
    when for example you see a character do a cool pose, remember what the pose was about what was the character holding in that scene(object,prop,car,weapon...ect), the name of the ped who was he interacting with (other peds), the name of the mission... ect and use that to your advantage as keywords to look for animations in menyoo. It may take a while to find some good animations at first but once you understand how to look for animations you'll get enough experience to look for more complicated animations.

    pro tip 2: if you're looking for animations for the main characters look for animations using these keywords
    1- player_one (Franklin)
    3-mph 'original online heists'
    4-player_zero (Michael if i'm not mistaken)
    5-player_two (trevor if i'm not mistaken)


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