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Some advice on soundmodding

  • Hi all, i just made an account since I would like to mod my fiveM server. I searched some stuff here and there but couldn't figure out the exact things that I am looking for.

    I checked out some soundmods and some of them are solid, some of them sound like the average dyson model or spaceship.

    I'm trying to make an engine sound mod to go along with the SLR Mclaren 722s. I have some decent sounding material (ripped from some previous NFS titles) i think the sound reproduction of it sounds very close to real life.

    My question is, where do I start? Mono, 16-bit, 32000, 48000? Considering i have to think of pitches, seamless audio, what kind of details should I look for most in order to make it sound the most proper? Also saw the audio metadata (i believe dat151, 54) which I have no clue what it does or how to access it. Any help is appreciated!

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