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We need more ADD-ON houses.

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/designer-house#comments_tab

    The house above is one of a kind for GTA modding. It's a mansion that is add-on and has ZERO cars that come along with it. We need more of this. I want to be able to park my own custom cars and save them wherever I want on a house that is already preloaded on the map when I fire up the game.

    It's such a simple mod to install and it gives us freedoms with our cars. I can fire up my game and with the persistence mod I can already have my cars saved to this house. It's perfect. No loading via map editor, no cars falling through the floor. No problems at all. Why aren't more people doing house mods like this?

    If you haven't checked out this mod, please do. It's incredible. I only wish we had more like it.

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