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A help to remove effect

  • It is possible to remove the "light trail" effect,
    which is found in the lights and especially in the front headlights of cars?
    Thank you for your availability.


  • @anthonyking4201
    That effect is certainly not in my game, so it's defo possible to get rid of it :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    To me it looks like animorphic flare ('flare_animorphic' texture in 'graphics.ytd') but is going the wrong way.
    My animorphic flare (now removed from game) was horizontal to the the lights, not vertical (there may be a 'visualsetting.dat' value for that or something tho. Bar the vertical difference it looks pretty similar).

    Try changing the 'flare_animorphic' texture in 'graphics.ytd' to a pure black (or transparent) one to remove it & see if that gets rid of the effect?

  • I thank and confirm that the help has worked!
    Not knowing the file and not knowing how to do it initially I had problems, but then I solved it.
    Sincerely THANKS :)

    If you feel like adding more tips on effects or anything,
    know that they are welcome, thank you in advance :)

    p.s: failing to log in, i messed with another account, i have no + idea how the account goes. XD

  • @anthonyking4201
    Nice, I thought that was it :thumbsup:
    Being logged into another account is a site issue that needs fixed. It's happened to me too.

  • I still ask politely for help,
    to remove another effect that I find annoying when it appears when i look the sky. O_T


    If you have any other suggestions for removing any other unpleasant effects you have found,
    everything is welcome. ;)

  • @ModPlus
    Looks like lens flare, try replacing 'flare_artefact' & 'flare_artefactx2' in 'graphics.ytd' with an empty/transparent texture.
    Alternatively, try out one of the three options in No Lens Flare 3.0 mod & see what they do :thumbsup:

  • 2 great tips!!
    You are mythical, all ok :)

  • @ModPlus
    Nice one :slight_smile:, glad it worked :thumbsup:

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