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NO DLC Interiors Loading [FIX]

  • Some people are having issues loading DLC interiors. Are you falling through textures with your DLC?
    alt text
    Then this fix is for you. It was a simple fix of removing "x64a" from the mods folder. For more info see the readme section.

    Others please comment your experience with this fix and spread the news for others like me who were helpless.

    Step 1: First Remove Your Mods Folder Completely from GTA root folder.

    Step 2: If the problem persist, then this fix will not work for you.

    Step 3: If it fixed the problem, one of your x64 files is likely conflicting with GTA (x64a for me).
    I am not sure if it needs to be updated with the one from the Root folder, however I have
    not replaced it (x64a). I simply removed it (x64a) and DLC interiors load now =)

    Step 4: If problem persist after step 3: it could be another x64 file conflicting.
    You will have to manually place each file in and test game after adding each file.
    I can confirm x64(b, i, v, & w) are unaffected and working for me. I have no idea what mod I had in x64a or
    what in x64a is causing dlc interiors not to load. However, if anyone updates x64a with the one in the root folder (default x64a)
    comment and let us know if it works.

    Video FIX coming soon:

  • Thank you dude. :ok_hand: Was x64a for me too. :v:

  • This topic is pretty old so I don't expect to get an answer, but is it possible to get around this without removing x64a?

  • No.

  • @JustGTAFan there is. replace the levels.ymt in x64a/data with the regular one

  • @St1tchlayz He'll be right back, only been gone for 2 years...any second now.

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