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How many mods can I install on my GTA 5?

  • How many mods can I install on my GTA 5 if I have a modified gameconfig, where can I read about it in detail?


    there’s no definite answer as all systems are different and handle different amounts

  • @Reacon But how much ped can I put?

  • Until your game crashes or won't boot up anymore. THEN you know, your game can't handle more mods.

  • @asianpeace I’ve started adding more vehicle mods but keep getting random crashes with the error” gta 5 exited unexpectedly please run in safe mode etc...”

    I only use open iv and vehicle mods I don’t have or use scripthook or any of that stuff I simply just replace skins etc... do I need scripthook or anything to help it ?

  • @Fannyy101 The thing is, in order to get replacements to work, you'll need an asiloader. In that case Scripthook is the only tool, that is online right now. Without it, nothing will work.

  • Banned

    @asianpeace OpenIV also has an asiloader.

  • @QBit07 yer that’s what I thought, yer my mods show up and everything, but either I’ve loaded to much or just ones that crash I don’t know, but if I do like 2 mods for vehicles sometimes it crash’s with the exited unexpectedly not sure if it’s a graphics thing ? Or mybe I change the gameconfig file ? What’s your steps and version of the game?

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