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No tuning parts after combining 2 add on vehicles?

  • I combined 2 bikes but for some reason the tuning isnt working. I dont even have engine upgrades available for the 2 addons I combined.

    If you want to see how I combined them this is how I did it: https://easyupload.io/l0tbqi

    Can anyone please tell me if I did it right? I have no idea where I even went wrong with the upgrades / tuning

  • @bur587
    Possibly a modkit ID conflict (two or more vehicles using the same carcols/carvariations modkit ID number/s) or something wrong in your 'carcols.meta' or 'carvariations.meta' files.

    ModKit ID Conflict (diagnosis):
    In 'carvariations.meta', set this for both the bikes:


    If you get your engine upgrades back after doing that you have a modkit ID conflict.
    Unfortunately, due to the way Rockstar did ModkitID's the best approach I know of is to change the numbers until you find one/s that work. Can be a right pain in the hoop if you have lots of add-on vehicles :slight_frown:.

    See more info & the basics of fixing a modlit ID conflict here.

    If you rule out a modkiID conflict, upload the entire 'dlc.rpf' somewhere & I'll download it & take a look :thumbsup:

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