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Menyoo Clothing Trick :)

  • Hi, so just found something interesting you can do with Menyoo. Let's say that you start your save game as Franklin and you use Skin Control to play as either the MP Male or MP Female and get them all decked out in your fave outfit and then use Character Swap to change the hash back to Franklin because you wanna play some golf only to have that cool outfit you have on vanish once you start the golf game. Here is how to be able to have that same outfit on while your golfing

    1. Get your MP Character how you want them using Skin Control
    2. In Menyoo save the outfit to a file
    3. Change has to Trevor, Franklin, or Michael and start the golf game
    4. Once you are prompt to head to the first tee open Menyoo and locate the outfit file you saved
    5. Instead of clicking (APPLY) click (APPLY CLOTHING AND ATTACHMENTS)
    6. Done now your able to play golf with that cool outfit.

    If this is something that knows how to be done already please reply and let me know

    Thanks :)

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