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Side view mirrors car reflections

  • Re: Working Side And Rear View Mirrors For All Cars

    Bumped this old thread.. I'm not a modder of gta v but I used to mod gta sa.. they say its impossible to show car or people reflections in car mirrors because of performance and rendering issues.. but what if I have a work a round.... I need modders support because I cant do it... (with my current knowledge of scripting)

    Make a script that enables pedestrian vehicles headlights once your in first person mode in a car..
    Conditions to be met:

    1. In first person
    2. In car
    3. Anytime of day
    4. Disables when out of car/first person
    5. (Bonus) only enable the headlights of the car behind player car once in sight of rear view mirror and when the car passes, the lights disable again for more realism..

    I had this idea because I noticed the game displayed a pair of headlights of a truck passing behind me in my mirrors so thats how I was able to use my mirrors to see other vehicles..

    It's the only sensible workaround I can think of but it makes better use of the mirrors.. so it will add a real effect to the game so you can play more comfortable in first person mode

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