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How to install specific Mercedes mod ?

  • How do I install a specific mercedes mod, in which there are three files that are not in gta 5, like 17ecoupe_hi.ytd, 17ecoupe.ytd, and 17ecoupe.yft. It is very strange and I have not been able to figure out what this is about, and I have seen that something like this can be installed.

    Unfortunately, I haven't found the link in this site, but I found it on another site, I hope you won't mind, thanks:

    I can't post the link what's the problem ?

    Also install this mode and you will see what it is about, in this link above and I hope you will help me.

  • link text

    Here is that link, so try to explain to me how to install?

  • @Scout556
    You're easiest option is to rename the files to something like this:


    Install EMF & then place the renamed files here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\EMF\dlc.rpf\x64\vehicles.rpf\ place all 3 renamed files here

    Spawn 'schafter2' ingame with a Trainer of your choice.

    As this is a replace method, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class will also spawn ambiently in traffic in replace of the schafter2 (or whatever vehicle you rename it to). :thumbsup:

    Note: I just picked a Mercedes-esque vehicle name at random, ideally you probably want to choose a car that does not have any visual upgrades (spoiler, carbon hood etc) so you don't get weird stuff (parts in wrong place/missing etc) going on should you try to upgrade it with a new spoiler/parts etc.

    If however you want to replace a vehicle that does have upgrades, there is an easy way to disable them:

    Removing Visual Upgrades from Replace Vehicles:

    Example (Schafter2):

    • Using OpenIV, find 'carvariations.ymt' here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\carvariations.ymt

    Note: Although the majority of vanilla vehicles are in 'carvariations.ymt', different vanilla vehicles (especially dlc vehicles) can have their carvariations settings in different files (a 'carvariations.meta' file, there are many in the game). If replacing a different vehicle, that's not in 'carvariations.ymt', you'll have to find it's 'carvariations.meta' file & edit that instead (Hint: They'll be in the 'dlc_patch' or 'dlcpacks' folder structures).

    Tip: Use 'Ctrl+F3' in OpenIV to search for files by name (there is also a mods/game/both folder dropdown in the search box to aid you)

    Back to removing unwanted upgrades (Schafter2):

    • Right-click 'carvariations.ymt' & select 'Export to META/XML (.xml)' (shortcut is 'Ctrl+S')
    • Export it to your Desktop or somewhere (A 'carvariations.ymt.xml' file will be created).

    Note: The last two parts above^ are only required for '.ymt' files. Skip them if editing a '.meta' file.

    • Open 'carvariations.ymt.xml' with a txt editior like Notepad (Notepad++ is good, but any text editor will do :thumbsup:).

    Note: Files can also be edited within OpenIV using the right-click > 'Edit (Ctrl+Enter)' functionality but given it's lack of an 'Undo' feature (once you've loaded the game) there is increased risk of being stuck with a mistake should you make one. If doing it that way, always make a back up of the original file first :thumbsup:).

    • Search in the 'carvariations.ymt.xml' file for 'schafter2' & once found, scroll down to the '<kits>' section for it:
    • Change '47_schafter2_modkit' to '0_default_modkit'
    • Save the 'carvariations.ymt.xml' & reinstall it by dragging & dropping it back into OpenIV where you found it (it will automatically be converted back to 'carvariations.ymt').

    The schafter2 (now the 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class) will still have all the standard non-visual upgrades (engine, suspension, window tint, etc) it just won't have any of the original schafter2's visual upgrades appearing half way through the car/missing parts etc.

    Hope that helps, any issues give me a shout :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you very much man !

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Everything works brother, thank you very much !

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