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[TOOL] [MISC] Advertising Spinner Signs!

  • Now, I 'm thinking of this idea mainly for the RP servers, but...

    You know those dudes you see alongside the road with the giant arrow-shaped signs that they throw up in the air and do all the showy spinning with to get your attention for a Sale or Special event? Getting those signs added to the game would be SWEET!

    I know it's a pretty insignificant thing to Request in the grand scheme of things, but I think it would add a fun "mini career" for those new to servers/"new to the city"...businesses could hire them for special events or sales through a service, which could honestly open up a whole 'nother career opportunity for these servers!

    The spinning and fancy tricks would involve a lot of additional animation, BUT I don't even think those would be necessary initially. (so, a "version 2.0" some time later maybe...)

    Thank you for the consideration, and reading this far! :)


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