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Stupid quisten..

  • So hey...some howcredux back my loading screen to normal,but ive still play with redux,any soluisen plz?

  • @Gtavgamer Correct grammar would be useful...

  • Wow, just wow... I never thought I would see this on this site.

    They're playing with Redux, which I presume changes the loading screen. Theirs has gone back to normal but they can still play with Redux and they want a solution to get the changed loading screen back. That's what I got from that but as I don't use Redux, I can't help.

    Unless you are fluent in all the languages spoken across the planet, criticising someone's grammar in a language they don't natively speak is totally unnecessary. They made the effort to use English... give them some credit.

  • When the loading screen comes on, look out of the window and imagine it's happening.

  • @LeeC2202 Am I criticizing their english? No. I'm suggesting a solution to help me and others answer their question because I do not know what the heck they are on about. Besides, a stupid quisten deserves a stupid ansir right?

  • @Spud You're suggesting the solution of using correct grammar, to someone who is clearly struggling with basic English? Do you believe that by making that suggestion, they are going to be able to write grammatically perfect English, at which point you will provide an answer to their question?

    Why not suggest "Write it in your native language?" instead? Then you could answer their question in their language. Doesn't that sound like a better solution for them and you both?

    Or... seeing as the question is perfectly obvious, just answer the question anyway? Do you know what would cause a Redux install to change the loading screen back to normal, but leave the rest of the Redux mod installed and working?

    I don't see any questions as stupid if they are from someone with a genuine problem, never have, never will.

  • @LeeC2202 Well no. I don't support people who steal mods and claim it as their own. As I was saying, I only said that to help them clarify their question for others to grasp a better understanding of what they are trying to say. English isn't my first language either.

  • @Gtavgamer install redux again.

  • @Spud You raise a very good point that I had in fact completely overlooked and that is the history of Redux.

    When you've spent your life helping people as I have, sometimes you see the cry for help, more than the topic in question. It's hard to ignore and I can easily get wrapped up in trying to solve it... human nature is a powerful thing.

    Perhaps I should just let go of this one and stick to writing my own tools... I just wish all the people with the answers I need for that, were as forthcoming as I try to be. :(

    I wouldn't have guessed English wasn't your native language by the way, puts my French to shame, that's for sure. :)

  • @LeeC2202 No problem. I guess I'm kinda in the wrong somehow according to the down votes. But hey, life goes on...

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