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OpenIV will not install packages

  • Hey guys.
    First post here so I apologize if something is wrong.
    I have been trying to install "Realistic Gun Sounds" and "World of Variety" through OpenIV using the package installer
    but whenever I try to install the package to the mods folder, it says installing with the moving bar underneath it but
    the package never fully installs.
    I see if my mods folder is empty that the files are indeed being installed but the package installer does not say "completed installing. Run the game to see what you got" it is just stuck on an infinite installing loop.
    Game version is 1.50 (most up to date), retail copy I had just purchased about 5 days ago. Game runs fine with my other mods and scripts but I just cannot install any packages.
    Anybody have any thoughts?

  • Forgot to add that OpenIV.asi and the ASI loader is installed as well

  • Bump.
    Still cant use any mods that replace an rpf because openIV still not working.
    Can someone help me?

  • @coondawg123 Right click on the .oiv where you downloaded it to, click open and perform a manual install of the files.

  • This post is deleted!

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