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[SCRIPT/HANDLING] "Burnout Paradise"-esque Brake-To-Drift handling?

  • I just thought of this one day. What if GTA V had vehicle physics similar to Criterion's games, like Burnout Paradise, NFS HP 2010, NFS MW 2012, or whatever, and it has like that "brake-to-drift" type of arcade handling?

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    I'm working on this right now. Only two problems I have encountered. One is the handling changes from car to car, I got it working on a few but other cars handle differently even with the same handling file. Second problem is that if you don't control the car properly, instead of a nice drift you end up going over max speed. Oh and no brakes.

    If you control the speed, don't have to worry about brakes, and don't mind occasionally driving 300 mph uncontrollably into a corner, then you would like my mod.

    My first attempt at burnout drifting, I was told was not drifting but more power sliding. Basically increase the weight and center of gravity, put all the braking power on the front wheels, and increase the acceleration to max.

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  • The one with the miata, the drifting looks super weird. You just skid sideways on ice and it doesn't really look right.

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    Ya that's not real drifting, but it's damn fun turning those corners. And it looks the same on dry day as well, so that's not because of the roads. Intense acceleration and a very very front heavy car.

    My second version of this just turns the handbrake into a second gas so you can actually drift, but doing so has some unexpected bugs.

  • @InfiniteQuestion I wonder if there's a way somehow to actually properly imitate the brake-to-drift feel that BP has. Maybe if you took enough time and dedication you could replicate it exactly. But I don't know entirely how this stuff works, plus when you factor in the physics and all that...

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    There is a script called LSDrift. It assigns the drift to your brake button. This is the closest I can find to actual drifting without having perfect skill. But all this does is takes away traction on demand.

    All the drifting mods just take away traction from the wheels. My mod allows for drifting without losing normal traction. If I could somehow figure out how to apply my values on demand and have the script regain vehicle control when over braking, this would be the closest to Arcade style drifting gta is capable of. I have no clue where to begin programming my own scripts.

    I'll upload my video demonstrating the handbrake turned gas pedal drifting. You can do doughnuts around objects, something I have not seen in gta. I was doing figure 8 drifting at the airport.

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  • @InfiniteQuestion Well then that one just looks too grippy, the car hardly goes sideways and turns on a dime. Also, that Truffade Adder looks lifted or something.

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    What do you mean too grippy. There are plenty of mods that turn your car into tires on ice. I've tried them all, none of them feel right when driving but at least they drift. But I'm not after that driving on ice feeling.

    Unless you want to lose traction, you won't easily get the car sideways. The point of this is to make it easy and fun, and the weight has been shifted to the max.

    This was a test video, it turns on a dime cause that was what I was testing. At one point you can see my car doing controlled drifts, but sorry my driving sucks when I'm just test values. Plus figure 8 doughnuts, but I can change that to any degree, just that one looks and feels the best.

    Also the suspension is for my enjoyment. It is not part of the mod. Works just fine without the lift.

    Look at gta drifting videos on YouTube. They all look slow, hard to steer, and driving on ice. I'm trying to make it arcade drifting, something thats fun and needs no skill. Just brake to drift.

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    @InfiniteQuestion said in [SCRIPT/HANDLING] "Burnout Paradise"-esque Brake-To-Drift handling?:

    I'm trying to make it arcade drifting, something that's fun and needs no skill. Just brake to drift.

    I'm down for that.

  • @InfiniteQuestion How's progress?

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    @mrwallace888 Very good actually. Getting better, I figured out if I increase the drag of the car it handles the burnouts alot better. Airport isn't really good to test so right now I'm making an extra large drift track out by the docks. Won't have any turns, but plenty of light markers for fake curves. Think like a very large parking lot. Gonna release in a few when the lights are complete. Thanks for asking.

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    This is the closest I have gotten to drifting. The suspension is back to normal, and shock absorption has been increased. Along with increasing drag this is the most stable it has been. Gonna try the settings out on other cars later.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Looks good, though is it possible to make the car just a teensy less grippy?

  • It's also hard to see how well it handles since it's mostly just going slow and doing things like donuts, was expecting to see you like yankin' fairly quickly at a hairpin somewhere or something.

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    @mrwallace888 You want it less grippy, but still able to yank quickly on a hairpin turn? I really don't know what you mean, or even if this game is capable of what you are asking.

    How fast do you expect to be going around 90 degree corners and not have a car that is grippy? I'd say going half the vehicles top speed and still being able to slide around corners is as close to brake to drift as I can get outside of a script.

    I have another video i'm uploading of more of a drift style turn, but at the sacrifice of all other handling. This time I was messing around with camber stiffness and traction bias. Less control but more drifting.

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  • @InfiniteQuestion So this is being done only with editing the .meta and not using an asi or dll?

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    @mrwallace888 yes this is just the handling file. Probably could do what I wanted to when a script of I knew how.

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