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Vanilla color title on tyres, file location ?

  • Hey all, please do anyone know where are located files of that colored (white&red) title on tunned tyres? Would like to edit it. I will delete this useless topic after anyone help me find location :disappointed_relieved:


    tried vehshare.ytd?

  • @Reacon yep didn't fint it there, just textures of vanilla wheels without any tuning are here


    @ArmaniAdnr there’s some called (don’t quote me because i’m trying to remember off the top of my head so the name is a very loose guess) “tyrewall_mod” tried them?

  • no I tryed to change it to another colors but that one is't even color of tunned tyres. And tunned tyres are not using textures from default tyres (I was thinking if it don't just recolor default tyres textures, but I have TOYO tyres textures and tuned are still white ATOMIC title)

  • @Reacon I got it, your comment made me try to find some another words using search option in openiv and I found that these tuned wheels are separate models, that's why you can make these colored text only on vanilla wheels.

    For example you have wheel model named 'wheel_hiend_17.ydr' and then you have another one named 'wheel_hiend_17w.ydr' which is with that text. So the text can be changed only in model and the color of it is from vehshare.ytd and it's file named 'vehicle_generic_smallspecmap' .

    Thank for hint to help me find it :pray_tone3: , would I keep this topic in or delete it? Not sure if detail like this would be usefukll for anyone ever :grin:

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