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Adding cars

  • Hello everyone,

    I am knew to installing mods on GTA and so far had no issues adding modded cars however, it looks like I reached a limit or something. I have about 5 cars or so that I added and every other car mod I try adding, it is not showing on my list. Is there a way I can extend the amount of modded cars I can add to my list?

  • game-config but combining is the best way

  • Try to find gameconfig to match yr game version search for tat and paste it in open 4/gtav/mods/update/data/paste there

  • So I followed directions and added gameconfig to "open 4/gtav/mods/update/data/". When I go ingame, still the same issue. only have like 5 cars and rest of the slots are disabled...

  • Banned

    So I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be in gtav/mods/update/data/ not sure why that other individual added open 4 at the beginning

  • I tried all the suggestions above and only have 5 cars. All other slots state "disabled"...not sure what I am doing wrong

  • If you want to add cars to GTA V easiest way is to install addons, there is a lot of car packs avaialable. My recommendation for you is to watch this video:

    . Gamecondig and dlclist is included and its easy to install and for me personally this is only car pack I use, it has a lot of cars and all of them work without any error. Best wishes for modding your GTA ! :)

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