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[VSTANCER Feature] Wheel Offset + Input Number

  • Have you ever had, let's say a car mod, and when you use custom rims half of them look wrong because the brake pad clips through the rim? I get it a lot, IDK about you guys.

    Anyways, I propose a new feature for VStancer: Wheel Offset. It's similar to "Track Width", but instead of affecting the suspension, it affects the wheels themselves.

    Track Width affects the suspension, moving the wheels further or closer apart. It includes the Suspension, Brake Pad, and Wheels.

    Wheel offset doesn't affect any of that other than the wheels themselves. So if you have custom wheels on certain cars, if the brake pad (which, by the way, is that red bit that holds the brake disc, though it varies in colors) clips through the rim/spokes, then you can move just the wheel itself until it no longer clips through.
    And something I've thought about just now is maybe being able to input a number via typing it in. Like, if you hover over the value and press Enter you can type in a value. It can help with precision. Or maybe just using Ctrl/Shift + Arrow Keys to speed up/slow down how fast the value increments.

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