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How can I add a texture manually to a modded car ?

  • First of all, I don't know if I'm posting to the right place, nevermind, hello!

    So, here is my problem. I want to create my own car liveries on modded cars, but here I have a problem for.

    So, for exemple, I downloaded this GTR. (here)

    In the folder, I have the "template.jpg", but in OpenIV, in the gtr.ytd file, there is not this template actually, so, how can I add it and then see in the .yft file that my modificated "template" is applied on the car.

    Thanks !


    replace the "car_sign_#" with the template (idk if its called car_sign in the ytd, just a generic name to help you find it)

  • @Reacon actually there is not a car_sign_# in the ytd file... it's actually for this that I'm here ^^


    @velkagraphics tried just importing the template into the ytd as is?

  • yep, i added it, i added my own template (who was not in the original ytd file so this is me who added it here)

    also, I created an other ytd file like this :

    covering.ytd as you can see, and I puted my template in this file, then in the yft (3d file) I added the ytd file like this :

    but it's not working too :

    I think that I need to assign the "template" in a file to activate it ? I dont know if i'm understable

  • @velkagraphics
    You need to '[Replace]' (top right in OpenIV Texture editor) the 'r35_sign_1' with your template :thumbsup:

    • Highlight the 'r35_sign_1' texture in the left panel
    • Hit the '[Replace]' button
    • Navigate & select your template texture & then hit '[Open]'
    • Template should now have replaced the original 'r35_sign_1' texture
      Note: while you're in there, delete your previously imported 'template' file to keep the overall file size down
    • Hit '[Save]' (bottom right)
    • Open 'gtr.yft' or 'gtr_hi.yft' to test

    Alternatively, rename 'template' to 'r35_sign_1' & 'import' it (top left)

    Import will overwrite any file of the same name. Replace will replace the highlighted left panel texture with a file of any name (ie they don't need to be the same name etc).

    Nothing is written in stone until you hit '[Save]' (bottom right) anyway, so feel free to play about with stuff :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th God i'm so idiot, I didn't searched for "xx_sign_1". But thanks, it worked for the GTR !

    Now, this is an other problem for a Mercedes C63. There is not any "xx_sign_1" on the texture file. How can I do it ?


  • This post is deleted!

  • @a63nt-5m1th I don't really know actually, this is on a server, do I must ask for the exact download add-on model?

  • @velkagraphics
    It was just so I could have a look at it :thumbsup:
    If there's no 'xx_sign_1', is there any other texture in there that might indicate either by look or name that it is the one for the body work? Without knowing the exact Mercedes C63, it's hard to tell what the mod author may have done as the naming of files is up to them.
    One way to find out (once you make a backup) is to replace all the (likely) textures in the '.ytd' with a picture that is easy to identify (anything will do). If you see that picture on the bodywork when you open the '.yft' you know one of the textures you replaced is the one. Use a process of elimination to find out which :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I found the exact Mercedes C63 : https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2013-mercedes-amg-c63-w204-facelift-add-on-black-series-brabus-tuning

    I looked in, there is not any "xx_sign_1" or other file name that might indicate either by look or name that is the one for the body work.

  • @velkagraphics
    Yeah, just checked in the '.ytd' myself & there are no bodywork textures, meaning liveries are a no go at the moment.
    In the comments page for the C63, the author replies to a comment asking "Does it support liveries ?" by saying "Not at the moment" so he may have plans to add livery functionality at some point.
    You can always message him & see what sort of timescale he is planning etc :thumbsup:

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