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No license plate on model, Zmodeler

  • I edited unlocked model of chevy express and was repairing some things on it, after all done I can't figure out this one problem. The license plate on the vehicle ingame don't appear.

    Unlocked model here.

    The license plate placer is there and license should be on back doors not on the bumper. Plate was first as a child of the back doors, so I tryed to move it as a child of rear bumper even keeping it's possition on right place on the back doors.
    I tryed aswell copy license plate file from another vanilla car to make sure it's setup allright but license plate is still not ingame.

    Does anyone experienced with models have idea why it should be please? I'm not sure if the problem isn't that it's placed on openable doors :thinking: any ideas would be appreciate :pray_tone3:

  • Attach the plate to the back door.

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