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[ Tutorial ] - dlclist.xml Troubleshooting/Syntax Rules/All DLC stopped working possible FIX

  • Just covering the most common 'dlclist.xml' errors that can cause all your dlc to stop working/loading & also some guidelines on formatting & avoiding syntax errors.

    Note: Reference to capital ('I') or lowercase ('i') apply only to the <Item>/~/</item> parts of the lines. Not to the dlc name or anything else.

    No DLC is loading:
    If all your dlc has suddenly stopped loading, the most common cause is that there is a line in your 'dlclist.xml' that starts with a capital 'I' in the '<Item>' part & ends with a lowercase 'i' in the '</Item>' or vice versa (<item>/dlc-name-here/</Item> etc).

    Capital ('<Item>')/Lowercase ('<item>'):

    Both of these will work:


    You can have different lines, some with two capital 'I's ('<Item>' & '</Item>'), some with two lowercase 'i's ('<item>' & '</item>'). That's totally fine. They will both work. :thumbsup:

    Example (all your dlc will load perfectly fine if formatted something like this):


    Just make sure not to mix & match capitals 'I's ('<Item>' or '</Item>') & lowercase 'i's ('<item>' or '</item>') within the same line (see below).

    Any one or more lines like this, will break 'dlclist.xml' functionality & STOP ALL DLC from loading:


    Example (some of these lines will cause your game to not load any dlc):

    		<item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpBeach\</Item> (bad)
    		<Item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpBusiness\</item> (bad)
    		<item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpChristmas\</item> (good)
    		<Item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpValentines\</item> (bad)
    		<Item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpBusiness2\</Item> (good)
    		<item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpHipster\</Item> (bad)
    		<Item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpIndependence\</Item> (good)
    		<item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpPilot\</item> (good)
    		<item>platform:\dlcPacks\spUpgrade\</Item> (bad)
    		<Item>platform:\dlcPacks\mpLTS\</Item> (good)

    Easy way to find syntax errors:
    If you use 'Edit' (right-click file>'Edit' or 'Ctrl+Enter') to open a file using OpenIV, a '[</> XML]' button will appear at the top when you are in the file. Tap that button & OpenIV will check the file for syntax errors & take you to where it thinks the error is if it finds one. After you fix the error, hit the '[</> XML]' button again to check there isn't more than one & then '[Save]' the file (bottom right). :thumbsup:
    Note: OpenIV will now also notify you of syntax errors when you attempt to '[Save]' a file after editing it.

    Backslashes or Forwardslashes on either side of the dlc name:
    These don't matter, in that they can be backslashes (' \ ') OR forwardslashes (' / ') & even if you mix & match in the same line, the dlc will still load perfectly fine.

    Example (all this dlc will still load perfectly, even if formatted like this):


    Correct general formatting of 'dlclist.xml' file & where to add new lines:

    If you're new to GTAV modding, it's not always clear in mod instructions where exactly one should add the dlc line, so just to clarify, it can go anywhere below '<Paths>' but above '</Paths>' & in it's own line is usually best/easiest to read etc.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    Add DLC Lines HERE (below what already exists is usually best, but anywhere here, in it's own line, will work)


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    		Adding a new line in here is usually easiest

    That's the basics coverered I think :thinking: but if you find any other common 'dlclist.xml' issues I've forgotten to mention, give me a shout & I'll add them :thumbsup:

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  • my syntax error is in paths

  • @a63nt-5m1th Excellent summary. Only thing you might want to add is that there are 2 files with that name.

    the one you want to update, generally speaking, is the one in the mods folder


    and not this one:
    your GTA install folder\update\update.rpf\common\data

  • @JohnFromGWN
    My post is older than 365 days, so can no longer edit it :confused:
    People will hopefully read enough to catch your post. Cheers :thumbsup:

    @lolno99 said in [ Tutorial ] - dlclist.xml Troubleshooting/Syntax Rules/All DLC stopped working possible FIX:

    my syntax error is in paths

    Give us a little more info. What does OpenIV syntax check say exactly?

    Alternatively, upload your 'dlclist.xml' somewhere (Mediafire etc) or use a codeblock (see below) to post it here & I'll check it for you :thumbsup:

    How to Post a Codeblock:

    Copy these three lines to a blank txt etc file, overwrite only this line with everything in dlclist.xml, copy all & paste into gta5-mods forum post.
    It will then appear like this when posted & be an exact copy of everything you have in 'dlclist.xml':


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  • @a63nt-5m1th Now if they will only read your post!

    I think the fact that the "Mods file structure" creates what are duplicates in name goes a long way to explain why there are so many posted issues, not just here but on Steam and elsewhere.

    Anyway, excellent work.

  • @a63nt-5m1th going to add an error i made just yesterday which surprised me, not that i made the error but rather the nature.

    I forgot to close the path and this resulted in my addon not loading, no error, just no load

    For example
    Instead of <Item>dlcpacks:/mycar/</Item>

    So that closing slash or backslash is mandatory.

    I apologize if this was already accounted for.

  • hello guys, I think I have some trouble with dlclist.xml.
    I can't figure it out. here is my dlclist.xml:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



    ps.(when I save this file, it says the xml parsing error at line 102, col 4: the end of mark 'Paths' doesn't match with 'Item'

  • @ziziorz

    Close all your tags. Unfortunately xml validation often results in useless error messages. I was pretty sure this was a closing tag so I did a find in page from my browser and found it immediately.

    This is the problem


    Should be <Item>dlcpacks:/land/</Item>

    This is a tutorial thread, better off next time using the help forums

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