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Help whit replace cars and tuning on ai cars

  • i have a lot of replace vehicles and as i have some texture problems beacose of vehicle modifications: ai spawning whit modified vehicles, so i was wondering if there was a way to make so ai can not have tuned vehicles and also remove tuned vehicles from spawning in parking lots.

    Thanks for all responses.

  • @sjouku123

      1. take some photos of textures problem to make sure what we are trying to help you with
      1. do you want just don't spawn tuned vehicles or the tuning parts don't fit replaced cars and that's why you asking this?

  • its hard to take a screenshot of the texture but beacose there are black textures or something flickering in the sky when surtan mods are put on vehicles. and also some modifications break the whole car and i fall trought the ground. and also yes some mods dont fot some vehicles but preferably i dont want any cars to spawn tuned. here is one screenshot that gives some info 0_1582577381688_20200224224814_1.jpg

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