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Lights management help

  • Glad to know how to manage or change the switching on and off of the lights:
    -Of all vehicles that go around the world. I noticed that they turn on and off automatically at set times (day, night) or in specific climatic situations (when it rains with a thunderstorm, etc.)
    -And also of the "various lights" of the city and also of the streets

    Thanks in advance for any possible help and suggestions :)

  • @ModPlus

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\visualsettings.dat

    # Emissive night values
    emissive.night.start.time		21 
    emissive.night.end.time			6

    In my game with those settings above, streetlights turn on at 20:00 on the dot & switch off at 06:00 on the dot.

    Vehicle Headlights:

    // Vehicle Light Night/Day Settings
    vehicle.lights.sunrise			7
    vehicle.lights.sunset			20.0

    Peds vary exactly when they turn their vehicle lights ON/OFF (they don't all do it at the same time) but with these settings above they will switch them on between 19:00 & 20:00 & switch them off between 06:00 & 07:00.
    Not sure what controls the headlights being switched on in Rain & Thunder weathers.

    Building Night Lights/Windows etc:
    Not sure what controls these. In my game they switch on ~20:55 & switch off ~06:55 & the only thing I've found to alter them is the 'Blackout' effect in trainers.

    Looks like the times the building lights are switched On/Off can be edited using Codewalker.

    Building Light On/Off Times

    & can also be edited in openformats once you know the unique time of day value (all combinations of different times of day have a unique number)

    Unique Time of Day

  • Thank you for the very welcome info :)
    I confirm the hourly management for the street lights,
    unfortunately the vehicle lights always do as it seems to them. XD

    Thank you again. :)

    p.s: unfortunately the login to the site is always problematic T_T

  • I see that this is an old topic, in the time that has passed have you found new solutions to turn the lights on and off in individual buildings or parts of the city as they did in the following screenshots?


  • @lucamw
    It could be done with a script :thumbsup:

    Using '.ytyp' emissive files it's entirely possible to choose whatever hour you want individual building lights to turn ON/OFF (CineREALISM mod has a 24/7 building lights always ON optional installer for example). For a script, it would just be about having to find the correct values in memory & changing them for the different parts of the city in sequence etc.

    I don't code, so you'd have to ask someone else about creating it.

  • @a63nt-5m1th thank you very much for helping|

  • @lucamw i know this is old but do you know what this is with disabling lights?

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