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GTA Mods Installation & Questions

  • New to the GTA V Mod scene

    Been gaming for years however and am comp savy as well as played and loved a heavily modded Skyrim and other modded games. All that to say not scared of and can learn and understand instructions for modding/adding files and the like . I am posting to bring clarity to a few things and hope that this isn't repeating or burdening. IF it is then direct me to another existing post that will answer some or all of these questions.

    1. I want to ensure that I can still play the game and not have Big brother banning me for simply trying to enhance the SP mode. I have the Steam v. 1880 and have to login to R$ to play. IF I start adding mods and play the SP mode they will not ban the acct?

    2. I see that there seems to be no mod manager and the one that does exist seems to be "broken" I have copied the entire base GTA V folder (as a backup) but there is no way around putting the mod files in the main base folder?

    3. What is a good file structure to place the mods in? Seems just putting all these .dll and hook files would leave it cluttered and difficult to maintain if there are problems/glitches that occur with the modded files.

    4. Is there a way to see or a site that lists if there are mod conflicts or can I put say an ENB on top of a Requiem Reshade on top of GTA Realism?

    Thanks for the help in advance!!!

  • I think I may have asked this question incorrectly and that is my fault
    I do however have answers and hope that it can help someone else starting out that is a completely fresh to the modding and unaware of how things work.

    Thus my own answers are as follows:

    1.You MUST login to the "Social Club" acct for the game there is no way around this. It is important to note that you should NOT attempt or play with mods on GTA online as it seems you WILL get banned and not be able to play the game at all

    1. Open IV is a mod manager of sorts. All organizing, importing of .ini or .xml files are done through it and files can be organized but unlike a Mod Organizer or NMM it will not arrange Mods or show conflicts if there are any. ALWAYS back up the original GTA V game directory to some other area of your comp as to return to a clean install if the game or mods crash. Also of Note it would be immensely advantageous to get Notepad ++ (should be free) to see and edit files for the game.

    2. It seems that for these Mod files the only thing to add is a "Mods" folder and a "Scripts" folder to the GTA V game directory. Most files added will be put in these two places with a few .dll files or .ini files placed directly in the game directory (but they are easy to remove and track if problems occur)

    3. Most files don't seem to over lap with uses in the game (it's early and I don't have extensive use of multiple mods on top of each other but [kow] so far no issues or conflicts) Since each mod has it's own folder and many add ons need a line added to the respective .xml files the added files don't require using core resources for a function in-game.

    I have a better knowledge of how things function in game and what all these files are doing and hope that at least this helps someone
    Next time I will have played around with troubleshooting an issue before I post.

    Off to create some custom garages.......

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