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[SCRIPT] Knife Throwing Mod

  • Not sure if it's already been requested, but a mod to be able to throw knife weapons would be awesome.

  • I was working on this with help from LeeC2202 but it seems jedijosh920 has one coming along :)

  • @Dest787 You don't need a script for that! one can make that happen with original Game
    weapons.meta files.!

  • @FoxtrotDelta But can you make the knives stick into a ped's body with just weapons.meta editing? If so, I'm intrigued :D

  • @stillhere we have sticky Bombs Data Commands. if sticky bombs or any object, gets stuck to the body. so can the knives do that. but its alot of pain going through those settings and making it actully work. Script would do the trick easily.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Oh yeah, I forgot about the sticky bombs! I can imagine it would be really hard to get the knives to point into the ped.. In fact, that was the reason I contacted LeeC2202, I couldn't figure it out lol. It turned out like this; it still needs a bit of work but jedijosh's version seems further along in development.

  • @stillhere Hmm. well. Good luck. with your Project. i'll give it a try some time in future, may be Throwing axes.

    nice , you Got it almost Working. i can't say its wrong. looks cool.

  • Hi, no one done it? Script still in development?

  • @zigmo I converted my own wip script of this to my shield throwing mod, and it seems jedijosh did not continue his either (publicly at least). Maybe I will continue it if no one else does.

  • @stillhere Thanks for the answer, I'll be hoping to see this script. :slight_smile:

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