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Removing orange glow from street lamps

  • I haven't seen any discussions on changing street light color so I just wanted to post this for any future reference.

    I have been editing the timecycle files and figuring out what each value does. In the light_artificial_ext_down_intensity controls the color of the street light glow, and light_artificial_ext_up_intensity controls the building and roads glow. I have my down on 0.8 1.0 1.0 and up as 0.0 0.0 1.0 and it gives the city an amazing white glow with neon blue looking roads. I just can't stop driving around looking at how clearer everything looks without that harsh orange glow.

    If you have ENB installed, turning the SpotIntensity setting under to all 0.00 will remove the glow completely. Also I have light_falloff_mult turned to all 3.0000. It up's the neon look of the buildings really giving it a retro neon city glow. I am just so impressed with finding this I had to share it. Maybe I'll make a mod once I finish with the rest of the timecycle.

  • Do I have to edit that value for every timecycle mods xml folder? And also, how can I make the lights on the roads a brighter white so I can make it closest to how the streets in the city look like in real life?

  • @Brukanator You would have to edit both global and urban values for every timecycle file you have. This makes the light white with a blueish tint to the roads and buildings. I can not find a true way to turn the light posts white outside of editing the actual light posts which is an immense amount of work.

    At night there are three light sources. 1 is from the light posts, this as far as I know can not be edited. 2 is for the road ambiant light. 3 is the color that highlights the roads and buildings.

    If you follow the instructions for the ENB, this will get rid of the flood light look of the orange light posts. The ambiant lights are white while the street lights are basically turned off by the ENB, it's a trick but the closest I have found to making a white light city.

    If you edit the intensity value to higher than 1.0000 then that would make the white light brighter, but default value is plenty white at night. I thought my light posts were too bright at night, to the point I couldn't see other lights.

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