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Opening mods?

  • What do I open my game files with? Chrome? App Store? Notepad?

  • To open mods you've downloaded you'll need 7-zip or WinRAR. To open game files (and mods with .oiv extension) you'll need OpenIV.

  • When i download the mod, it just won't download as a normal file. And I am so lost, because I don't want to open a mod with a certain program that won't work. such as it will load as in notepad and then the mod may not work or internet exploerer.

  • @Jitnaught I Have all my files set up such as scripthookv and dot net and open IV with an enhanced native trainer with a mods folder with update and A-W files (just so i have all the things i may need for later). But I keep trying to install and play quicksilver mod (.net version) but when i try to play it, it says that core script error and and poor handling and when it does simi-work ( mod don't work but it lets me keep selecting it from the script menu "f10". the game crashes when i hit esc.

  • @KindOvLazy
    After installing 7-zip or WinRAR, and downloading a mod, you'll have to right-click the file, click Open With and select 7-zip/WinRAR to open the file.

    That problem would be better suited in a topic in Installation Help & Troubleshooting, or a comment on the respective mod.

  • Have you tried this and this? You might find more information. Not trying to be some "RTFM" person, but reading the pinned posts before asking for help tends to either:

    • A. solve the problem
    • B. helps you define more specifically the issue and make it easier for others to help you.

  • @KindOvLazy first of all you should define us what file is that mode. Do you mean whole downloaded pack which is 'rar' or certain extracted files as 'yft' 'ytd' 'meta' 'xml' 'ydr' or what type of file it is? :thinking:

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