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[PLAYER] Male and Female MP 3d model

  • is there someone who could rip the female mp 3d model for me and maybe convert to obj or dae or 3ds format i need it to be able to make skins hair and clothes . i cannot find it anywhere online and it would help me contribute alot to the site.

  • or if i could jus get a file with the rigging bones at least

  • have you ever tried exporting in openiv there is tons of ways to export the scripts from the patchesng there's just alot of them umm any specifics you need?

  • I need mostly the bone rigging for the female and male ped i have a ton of custom made sexy and designer clothes but i need to rig them and going into openiv is so overwhelming im great at making the clothes i need the bones to rig but as far as getting it into the game ill have to find or pay someone to set the files up.

  • https://gyazo.com/88f1ac53de2100141e9b4b73678a84e1

    a gyazo of one of the dresses im working on i got a obj from the dev for a server i will be opening with some friends but he didnt know how to get the rigging info.

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