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Texture Flickering, Texture Loss and Texture Quality Reduction

  • Hello everybody,

    I've been trying to install a few new mods in my GTA V and after several hours adjusting tweaking I can play for hours without having CTDs or any performance issues, however I noticed the scenery and the default car textures start flickering and eventually with a major quality reduction and might even not load at all.

    I have installed:

    • Redux 1.8
    • LA Roads + Patch
    • LA Billboards
    • About 20 replacement cars
    • LSPDFR

    My PC specs are: i7 7700k 4.2Ghz, 16gb RAM DDR4 3000Mhz, GTX 1080Ti 11Gb and 1tb M.2 Nvme

    GTA is running with the 1.0.1868.0 release and the game settings are maxxed out in 2550x1440. I tried looking for this everywhere. Already set GTA with high priority, reduced texture qualities, activated shader cache in nVidia panel but nothing worked. I recorded a little of my gameplay so you can understand the situation. In this first video you'll see texture flickering:

    In the next video you'll see default car texture (automatically) reduced to low, followed by texture flickering, quality loss and texture loss at some point:

    Can any of you help me, please?



    @lmartinsstz try lowering your graphics settings or remove some mods, redux is trash so i recommend deleting that

  • Thanks @Reacon . I'll try removing redux to see if it helps, because lowering my graphics settings didn't.


    you're probably using replacement cars without LODS, I'm guessing
    and the LA Roads / Billboards .. do those contain 4K and/or non-POT textures?

    those points above and using REDUX are your concerns, the loss of textures, popping in etc is V running out of memory. It can not handle the mods you are using as those are poorly optimized.

  • @lmartinsstz You might also need to reduce the spawn rate of those replacement cars so there isn't too many of them spawning in an area taking up too much resources.

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