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A New Guard Page For the Stack Cannot Be Created

  • Hello, I've been modding a lot of games over the years but Grand Theft Auto V and IV have got to be the most annoying games.
    My only error that I have come across that I cannot, for the love of me, remove or even fix. Its getting really bad.

    A new guard page for the stack cannot be created

    This is got to be the stupidest error I've seen.
    I've removed mods and edited files and XMLs to try and fix this problem. Nothing.
    I have installed.

    Vanillaworks Extended
    Dispatch Extended (San Andres Version) and Dispatch of Variety
    World of Variety
    Gangs of Los Santos

    (Not in that Order but you know what I mean, good order install)
    And a couple simple scripting mods, nothing complex.

    And NO I cannot repair or reinstall Netframework, it doesn't work like that for Windows 10 Users

    This error only occurs when I begin the first items for the Heist mission of retrieving the BZ Gas trucks or the Bugstars trucks, I crash a few seconds after entering the locations or starting the mission.
    A Picture that refuses to load

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