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Having trouble installing vehicle mods

  • I just installed the game, made a mods folder and copied the update folder into there but when I go to edit the dlclist.xml in OpenIV I can't open update.rpf. I've searched around and haven't found any help/fix on this.

  • click on edit mode

  • @Ahti-Kelo @NovaRuk You don't need to be in edit mode to open the file and at least be able to view it.

    Ahti-Kelo Can you even open the rpf just to view it? Can you post pics of your folders so we can see how you have things set up? Something is odd if you can't even just click on an rpf and view it.

    If you meant in your original post that you can't "edit" it as opposed to even just opening it, since you did also state that you can't open it, then NovaRuk is correct.

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