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How can I add liveries for car mods (Not replace existing paintjob)

  • Hello, I've several cars most of them are from Vanillaworks team's mods.
    These have templates for skinning so I'm aware I can add skin & I already made my skins according to template provided with them such as seen Pegassi Infernus Classic - Improved & Mapped (Replace | Liveries | Template) here.

    However my problem starts here.I have no idea how to add my skin to that car. Just a side note I don't want to replace the skin, instead I wish to add my livery & as I know there is skinworks mod which already added skins so it's possible to add as many paintjobs.

    So long story short how can I add my paintjob for the relevant car mod?
    Your help is greatly appreciated


  • you have to replace the livery image file within the ytd folder to change the whole car skin, you'll pass tons of livery downloads that have(install me) on where to replace it.

  • @BooRoK
    For liveries to show in-game make sure the vehicle's 'vehicles.meta' has 'FLAG_HAS_LIVERY' added to the '<flags>' line (just add it into the line that is already there (if it doesn't exist already))


    In both of the vehicle's '.ytd' texture files in that download follow this naming format to add new liveries:


    Do them in order, don't miss out any numbers, like skipping from sign_1 to sign_3 etc, or later liveries (4, 5, 6 etc|) will not load.
    If you name your textures as above before adding them, you can use the '(+) Import' button (top left) in OpenIV's Texture editor to import the liveries with the names intact.
    That, or rename them once they are imported. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th you're a true savior.thank you so much for clear explanation now everything works like a charm.
    a million thanks!👍🏆

  • Banned

    @a63nt-5m1th helped me also.

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    I have made gt17 livery , but in .ytd file present 1 template file and it's clear file.

    When I am adding gt17_sign_1 to my livery name Nd add in to the .ytd file not apply in the game

    And when I am replacing the default template file to my edited livery its apply

    But I can't add more liverys like gt17_sign_1 to 2 3 4 etc.

    At a time I am applying 1 livery so what's a problem in my case please reply to this problem
    Nd solutions on this.

    Thank you.

  • @Ankitbhut
    Not all vehicles are multi-livery capable.

    For the 'gt17_sign_1' name thing, if you use CodeWalker to export the '.yft's to XML & then search them for 'template' & change 'template' to 'gt17_sign_1', the vehicle will use 'gt17_sign_1' texture instead of 'template' one.
    Doubt that will make any difference to multi-livery support tho (it's essentially just a name change), as it's highly unlikely the mod author gave it multi-livery support & then didn't bother to implement/advertise it. More likely, the car only supports one livery at a time.

    You'd have to contact the mod author for confirmation of all that, but you most likely only have two possible solutions:

    • Ask the mod author to give it multi-livery support
    • If the car is unlocked & can be edited in Zmodeler3 - Edit it & give it multi-livery support yourself/pay someone to do it etc.

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