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How to change FIB peds' weapon loadouts?

  • I'm having no luck with changing the weapon loadouts of the mp_m_fibsec_01 and s_m_m_fibsec_01 peds.

    In their peds.ymt and peds.meta files, both are assigned to the Personality of Streamed_Male.

    However, when I check out that personality section in the pedpersonality.ymt file, it does not have any loadout specified in the DefaultWeaponLoadout line. My attempts to fill this line with LOADOUT_FIB (which I have set up a section of code for already in my modded loadouts.meta file) doesn't seem to change anything, and the rest of that personality's code in pedpersonality.ymt is not set up where it would make sense for those peds to act like law enforcement. (Yet they act like so in-game, with wanted levels etcetera.)

    Are there any other files which control the FIB peds' behaviour? I cannot see how else they work as law enforcement, because the code which they supposedly use does not match with how they act in-game. They seem to use the LOADOUT_COP and LOADOUT_COP_SHOTGUN code sections of the loadouts.meta file, yet I can't see how to change this.

    Any and all help would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance! :-)

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