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Help with dlclist.xml syntax parsing error

  • I downloaded a moder's car and I also downloaded his oiv file as I thought you needed both cause I'm a noobie to this moding stuff. But, once I did that I dragged the item to the dlclist.xml and I noticed everything that was on there and other cars were all gone. So, everytime I add a moded car in dlclist.xlm it comes up with the message XML Paring error at line 2, col 3. Only one top level element is allowed in the xlm document. Can someone help me ?

  • @DemonGTA91
    Either, upload your 'dlclist.xml' to Pastebin & share the link here so I can have a look or, if you are using a 'mods' folder & have access to the original/vanilla game folder 'dlclist.xml' here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml

    Then compare the two files & see where your syntax error lies.

  • OK i made a paste to pastebin and the name of it is gta5 dlclist.xml. I don't know if i did that right though, do you want me to show the other list to?

  • In my mods folder on my c drive I go to mods/update and I go into my dlclist there and it seems like I have everything that was erased is there for the things that I need to spawn my cars and everything. But, when I open open iv and I look at my dlclist there everything should be in there is not. Is there something that I need getting here?

  • @DemonGTA91 You need to share the pastebin link so we can look at your dlclist. Also, what are you dragging and where are you dragging it to. You say it's to the dlclist, but that's not how a dlclist.xml works. That's one issue. Which car mod are you trying to add? It could be possible that the OIV isn't set up correctly and it deletes everything else off your list, I've had it happen to me, that's why I manually install OIV packages.

  • @chonkie First, I don't know how to link pages because I'm not super tech savy. I downloaded the moder R mod customs 2002 Acura NSX. I've watched videos on youtube how to drag and drop item into the dlclist.xml and do you think you can check out his download and see where I messed up?

  • @DemonGTA91 You need to open the oiv that has the acuransx folder in it. Then you drag and drop that folder into the dlcpacks in your mods folder. You then need to manually edit the dlclist and put the name of the folder you dragged and dropped to it. Sounds like you dragged and dropped that acuransx folder into the area where the dlclist is located which is in the wrong spot. I can post a video as soon at it finishes uploading.

  • @DemonGTA91 Here is the video.

    Also, considering what you pasted on pastebin, it seems like you may need to start over with vanilla if your dlclist is empty except just those 3 things you have posted.

    Pretty much any addon vehicle you will add the same way. You will reach a limit after adding so many, just depends on other mods and you will most likely need a gameconfig at some point. Try to only addon quality vehicles with LOD's and smaller file sizes. There's a post somewhere on this site discussing the issues about addon cars with large file sizes and issues you can run into.

    You'll also need a way to spawn addon vehicles. I recommend SimpleTrainer by Sjaak, which is what I use and you see in the video.

  • @chonkie Yeah, I think I might need to start over with vanilla like you said can you show me or tell me how to do that? thanks for the video.

  • @DemonGTA91 Hopefully you are using a mods folder. If so, just take the unaltered vanilla dlclist.xml from the vanilla location, drag and drop it to your desktop. Go to the location of the dlclist.xml in your mods folder and delete that one and while you're still there, drag and drop the vanilla dlclist from your desktop back into OpenIV. Then you can edit the file.

    If you also messed up your dlcpacks folder, you'll also need to get that vanilla folder back into your mods folder. But it doesn't sound like you messed that up from what you've told us so far.

  • @chonkie I am using a mods folder but, if you think that I'm not having trouble with vanilla dlclist.xml then why can't I spawn my cars? I have been using that simple trainer before I had this problem.

  • @DemonGTA91 I did not write that I think you are not having trouble with the vanilla dlclist. Read again what I wrote in my last post.

    ps. Since you are using a mods folder, your vanilla files should be untouched, so yeah, you shouldn't be having trouble with the vanilla dlclist or vanilla dlcpacks. From what I understand from reading, the vanilla dlclist and dlcpacks don't get read by the game when you load mods, just the ones in the mods folder, which is why you can't spawn cars since you messed up your dlclist located in the mods folder. My last sentence of my previous post did say that I thought you most likely did not mess up your modded dlcpacks folder since it seemed like you did not touch that one yet.

  • hello, I am having the same problem as well this time it says 'XML parsing error at line 1 col 11: a name contained an invalid character' (I don't have a vanilla version)
    Hope you can help me


  • this is exactly what the line says

    <version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    the error says line 1 col 11


    @Raulemon should say <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  • it doesn't let me edit

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