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Police Interaction With Ai Citizens Multiplayer

  • This is a mod I have been working on for a couple weeks. It allows you to do things like pull over and arrest ai citizens on fivem servers. It works with other people as well and is all written in LUA at the moment.

    I have one video kind of show casing the mod with a friend which I will attach below.
    The mod works along side the radar detector mod for the best experience.

    I am attempting to add a better pull over ability and the ability to completely drop off prisoners at the police station. I will post any progress videos on the you tube channel with the show case video from now on.


    @JackleOfSparta Is this going to be in Singleplayer aswell? If not, please don't create FiveM-only topics here. This is a Singleplayer modding community.

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