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  • Help! I've been playing gta v with enb mods and stuff like nvr and visualv and it worked perfectly until as trever I went to floyd's apartment and there was a mission there so I decided to sleep and avoid the mission just because I need to change trevor's clothes and I went outside cause the mission was disrupted and went back and wade and floyd are doing there lines until they started to freeze and got nothing to do so I loaded my save file and it still happened, it even happened to other characters in the stranger and freaks mission and they froze.Even my other save file that i've completed so I went to start a stranger and freaks mission and it still happens. I would appreciate it if someone replied to give the answer to the error, thanks.


    Please follow some forum/internet etiquette...

    If you're running a custom gameconfig.xml, there's a chance missions won't work. You could fiddle with the pool sizes or try some other config. Or to reduce the amount of added content.

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