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[PLAYER] Bowsette for Trevor, Michael, or Franklin.

  • hello, i really want a player mod of bowsette i know the meme is dead. but nobody made a player mod when it was a trend. i'm very surprised because someone made her as a player skin for GTA SA using custom parts like the super crown, and the base female body for the GTA V female MP characters.

    i really want her as Trevor, Michael, or Franklin.


    here's a model of bowsette from mmd. this is the one i want.

    here's the most important rules for the model to be possibly ported to GTA V
    Copied Rules From DeviantArt

    If the model is ported to VRChat, SFM or any another program, please give credit.

    Give credits to me & Elewana. (If you want it, you can give credits for everyone listed below).

    • Haniwa / ayyk92 (Bowsette design)

    • TDA

    • Coldblast (Original Model)

    • Elewana (New Version & Fixed)

    • ShadowlesWOLF (for Bowser parts)

    • ToddynhoIce (for Peach hair)

    • NanamiHaruko (for Short hair)

    • MarsKatt (for Spiky choker)

    • Tellisonk (for Spike Bracellets)

    • mikukuregel (for Super Crown prop)



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