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Some Spawned Vehicles Disappearing after Uninstalling GTA V Redux

  • I recently tried out GTA V Redux but didn't really like it, so I did what they said to uninstall it by deleting my Mods folder. I then created a new Mods folder, and copied Update, and X64 folder into it. And put all my old mods back into the folder. Everything was working fine and then I realized that some vehicles after spawning them disappeared after a few seconds. One car for example is the Ocelot Jugular, among about 7 or 8 other cars just in the Sports Car Category. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am using the latest version of Simple Trainer to spawn vehicles, and I am using the Steam version of GTA V.


    Odd, Simple Trainer should patch the thing.

    Try this one. If cars still disappear, the log might provide some more interesting information.

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