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Latest openiv update Application error

  • does anybody know how to fix the latest openiv 4.0 application error?

  • I don't know if we are talking about the same thing but when I installed the 4.0 OpenIV yesterday it kept crashing on opening (the OpenIV's blue error screen appeared). I solved it by downgrading my GTX 760 drivers to an older version. As I can see in the forum of OpenIV site, many people report the same problem.

  • There has to be a fix. I know this is not a paid mod, so they probably are not consistently involved with the project when solving bugs & etc. But, if making this mod a paid source helps ensure constant bug fixes & maintenance, I will gladly pay. This has been the 3rd annoying error in the past two months. We all want to mod with ease & that is not impossible like most cynics believe.


    @ASK007 @gorgonut @SpockOnMedicine Restarting your PC after the OpenIV 4.0 installation seems to fix the issue. If it crashes when starting it, try that. It worked for me and many other people.

  • @Reyser thank you for letting us know, cheers!

  • @Reyser Thanks! But from yesterday I have restarted my pc some times anyway. What I've noticed is that the OpenIV starts normaly most of the times but when I try to open some ytd files it crashes. No doubt the developers have to fix a couple of things.

  • @gorgonut Any fix ideas I’m have the same issue ![alt text

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