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GTA 5 Error - Pattern failed

  • I installed some mods, then I went to start the game, an error message appeared as in the screenshot. the game window was working in the background (the game loading), if I pressed "OK", the game'll close, if I let the error message open (didn't press the button), I can play the game BUT just for 5 min!
    Can someone help me?

    Version: V1.0.1180.1/V1.41

    Mod i've problem with: I installed 10 mods that day lmao, anyway here's a list.
    world of variety 2.0.2
    Vanillaworks Extended Pack 1.9
    N3tt0 x BaG's IPL Loader+Interior Teleports
    Predator_7788 Add-On Car Pack
    Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack 1.2
    Overhauled Trains [Lore-Friendly | Liveries]
    Extra Lore-Friendly Liveries for Walter's Overhauled Trains
    Populated Railways [Static | Menyoo]
    New License Plates [Add-On]

    The other mods: I can't write it here. There's a lot of mods.


    I tried nothing.

    alt text


    read this and give us the info that's missing from your original post

  • @Reacon I edited the post.


    @HaSHeM5 does it work without scripts installed?ranem your scripts folder to "scripts1" and try loading again

  • @Reacon The same issue.


    @HaSHeM5 try without mods folder too, rename it like with scripts

  • @Reacon Edit: I moved this files and folders from game's folder:
    alt text
    (Main folder asis is a folder contain some asis i moved from the game's folder, here a screenshot)
    alt text
    And changed some folders names as you said.
    alt text
    The game workded without the error message!
    Now how could i debug more to know exacctly which mod\script causing the issue?


    @HaSHeM5 really the only way is to reinstall 1 by 1 untill it crashes, check comments of mod pages to see if anyone else is having issues and check the date they were uploaded as they might be outdated

  • I removed CScenarioPoint Patch 1.2 and it was the script causing the error message, the game worked without the error message, but again only last for 5 min, then closes without any error message!

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