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releasing models i have customized

  • I am a vehicle modeler and would like to start releasing some models I have been working on I have been asked by a lot of people and enjoy making people happy with models I put out and would like more people to enjoy them how would I go about this

  • @ace-young You need to go to the gta5-mods.com site, not this forum one. There will be an upload button at the top.

    alt text

  • @ace-young If you're wondering how to make the models that you've created into something that can actually be put into the game, you would have to search for tutorials on how to make them into an addon or replace mods, I haven't worked with vehicles so wouldn't know how you need to do that. There should also be other mods on the mod site that may help you in creating the files needed to get your models into the game with their appropriate files.


    If the models are from some existing GTA mod, be sure to ask permission from the original author before uploading them on 5mods.

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