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  • Hi, I have a problem with texture. In 3DSMax i put texture on object (with GIMS), than select whole object and export it. Than I open OpenIV and create new archive and put there ODR file with object i exported. Than open it and? Texture is ''cutted'' ... you can see it on screenshot.. I don't know what to do ... Please help me.

    Photo : Why?


  • @onehiccup Kind of difficult to tell based on the small picture, but my guess would be that there is an actual cut, or gap, in the polys that you applied the texture to. Also, did you convert the texture to game type and embed them before exporting the odr? It could also be due to uv map position having a line from the texture showing up where you don't want it to be, making it look like it is cut. How does it look in the game, does that cut still show up and does the texture show up properly when you walk around it?

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