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[SCRIPT] [Alpha] Undead Streets

  • @TheSpaceDad Hi there i know some good idea's but i don't know if im just copying the idea's that you already have. Can you show you're to do list and i'll maybe i'll add some things thanks for checking in ;)

  • @TheSpaceDad With all the suggestions, You should make a Trello Page. that would Make it organized and will show people what you are working on at the moment.

  • @BornStupid @yuri_bot3000 As suggested here is a Trello board that shows what I'm working on and what's planned. Let me know if I've missed something!

  • @TheSpaceDad nice, Also. will you add a way to customize the damage output of the zombies? they always one hit me xd

  • @TheSpaceDad Your TrelloPage is very interessant, I think you should add :100
    "Zombie Sound (their growling)"
    "Interior of somes buildings" (but you can use a mod for this who add interior for a lot of buildings) here the mod :
    That would be good to do survival camp !
    Keep it up ^^

  • @BornStupid done!

    @Aviox_ The sounds would have to be done by editing files through OpenIV and I'm trying to stay away from that. And also regarding the interiors, I will leave this for now as this isn't something I was planning on getting into.

  • @TheSpaceDad When are you Planning on a discord server? I think it would be much neater than the comment section

  • @TheSpaceDad check the previous comments

  • @TheSpaceDad here i go with some ideas:

    • When u die or when u start the game u need to load everything, if it's possible put it to auto-load, and the inventory auto save cause imagine saving an inventory in the middle of a war.
    • Air drops, like from sollaholla mod but u can randomize the group that is calling the airdrop, everyone want more guns on a apocalyptic world :')
    • Gear/Clothes, like vests and some craftable/collectable clothes, the backpacks would need a bigger work but the vests u can add some levels that the player find on a Police Station or in the Military Base.
    • Mechanic ped or building, every player will want to upgrade their cars to SMASH the zombies, and a better car will help on that.
    • Seasons, like on the winter the zombies rate decrease and the snow appear. (if u put this you can also make the clothes have a utility)
    • Some mods support like Open all Interiors.
    • More looting methods,from cars,trash,vending machines...
    • A coin to trade with the Friendly or Neutral survivor.

    I know that is a hard work but this looks really cool if u add.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have a never ending black loading screen when I launch the mod. It may have to do with the fact that I have quite a few other mods installed for a video that I'm currently in the process of filming, but I'm still trying to figure that out. Since most of the others here seem to be able to launch the mod without any issues, I'm assuming that it's a problem on my end. From the reviews and the feedback that I've read, this mod sounds pretty great so far, so I'm excited to play it if I can ever get past that loading screen lol. Anyway keep up the good work, and I'll try to make that trailer when I get a chance.

  • @Survival-Gaming dont forget to make vdo on undead street..iam waiting for it..😊✌🏻

  • @Survival-Gaming What is your channel ?

  • I've added a Discord for the mod as well, so if you want please feel free to submit bugs and ideas there as well!

  • @TheSpaceDad maybe add some turrets for you're car or on the walls of you're base

  • @BornStupid yep that's it. It's called Ocramium. "Survival Gaming" is my old channel name that I had but since this site doesn't let you change your username I'm stuck with it now lol

  • @Lovly I'll be making it soon!

  • So I was able to launch the mod after uninstalling some other smaller mods that I'm no longer using. I can confirm that so far Menyoo, OpenIV, Simple Trainer, Native Trainer, Map Editor, Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul, Realistic Gun Sounds, Epic Explosions XX, and a few others are working with Undead Streets.

  • I hope everyone is doing well! Just wanted to confirm that this mod is still being worked on? It seemed to have a massive influx of attention and all of a sudden it just went super quiet for 2 months. I sure hope the Dev is safe!
    Thank you for your hard work and looking forward to seeing where this leads!

  • Idea: You could sell working cars for exhance of ammo & resources.

  • Hey SpaceDad!

    Just came here from SimpleZombies, as this seems to get better when completed:)
    And even more, to share some ideas: First of all, +1 for customizable cars (especially adding armor/weapons), and for more buildable objects (like a biiiig steel wall maybe?:) ).
    But a major bug in all zombie mods is my biggest concern.. melee weapons.. whyyyyy would ANYONE in a zombie apocalypse keep hitting chest/arms/legs (...or even toes or hair) of a zombie to get it killed?
    Would it be possible to set melee weapons to go for the head only, and kill with 1-2 blows (or adjustable amount, or turn this on/off)?
    This would really help to get things rolling even when only starting with a knife.. which many of us have with them anytime anyhow:-D
    Another nice to have would be more options for configuring "hired" peds, like "stay in car", and "follow silently"-meaning don't shoot, also an option "follow vechile"-with silent mode on, otherwise it becomes useless like seen in SimpleZombies, as they stop and start a biiiiig fight against zombie hordes alone instead.
    Not sure if that would be possible at all, but it would be a very huge hit, if the game could keep track of the infections, like when you start it, only "patient zero" would be infected, and starts spreading the virus by biting ppl, who bite other ppl.. and so on.

    Thanks in advance for considering, really looking forward to give this mod a try very soon, holidays are coming:-D

  • Hi SpaceDad,

    Came back with more ideas for advanced crafting system:) Bindings could be renamed to or separated to screws and wires, which would be then required for barrier, fence, planks, door, etc.. 24/7 shops (or alternatively dedicated hw stores) should have tools to loot, which would then also be required for crafting above things, as well as e.g. dremel tool (for silencers or such smooth work, assuming it's very strong, can be used to drill, file, grind, etc, electric screwdriver, other metalwork, maybe also dismantling cars for metal source and screws/wires -that would be awesome-), hatchet or saw for woodwork, as well as maybe for gaining wood from trees or dismantling fences -that would be awesome too-, maybe adding rubber as resource, so for 1wood+1rubber, you could make a slingshot, for the start to have quick access to long range weapon.. for which you could have like 20-50 ammo per metal resource on workbench?:-D Hope some of my ideas catch your mind so badly that you will add them:)


  • ..some more i forgot to add: using workbench and lots of metal, we could create turrets for cars, and mount any weapon form our stash by sacrificing it:) Also, crafting metal plates for armoring cars maybe? Drawback is we should be able to properly mount it to the car afterwards, like placing a wall or door.. not sure if it would stay attached too properly?

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