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[SCRIPT] [Alpha] Undead Streets

  • @BornStupid said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    @TheSpaceDad another Question, Do you think the [Open All Interiors] mod would be compatible with Undead Streets? If so. would you Implement a sort of Storage-house with stashed gear/loot for the player to find? It would be cool if that was a thing. Thanks!

    I haven't tested this with other mods yet, sorry!

  • @TheSpaceDad hey man, this zombies mod (that will be really good) will have NPC's bases around the map, like randomly generated with the time or when u start the survival?

  • This mod sounds amazing, and I'm super excited! I may even create a YouTube series with it if all goes well. Thank you for reviving the GTA 5 zombie community and taking this awesome project into your own hands. I can't wait to try this out and see how it goes. As much as I love Simple Zombies, it has been abandoned for years now and is in desperate need of a new update, and seeing how that will probably never happen, I'm so excited that you're developing this awesome mod. I have created some ideas that were unfortunately never implemented in Simple Zombies and that I believe would take your mod up to a whole new level:

    • COMMUNITIES - In Simple Zombies, we are allowed to somewhat start communities of survivors, although they don't really function. In Undead Streets, communities should function more or less as a real life community would, with peds scavenging and interacting with one another. Feeding your general community and supplying them with resources to survive would be a big part of the mod. Also, there could be several randomly generated communities around the map that can be raided for loot or used for trade

    • TRADING - Communities could be able to trade certain items in exchange for something else. Trading could help obtain certain materials and establish a connection between different communities

    • FUNCTIONING INTERIORS - Open All Interiors mod by NewTheft allows for interior access to most of the buildings in the map that are inaccessible. Having zombies be able to spawn in these interiors would be awesome, and would allow for some pretty intense situations. Imagine being in a dark corridor with a flashlight and having a hoard of zombies chasing you

    • MILITARY ZONES - Military zones are highly protected areas of the map that are full of amazing loot. The only problem is that the zones are extremely well guarded by soldiers who are eager to shoot at anything they see. To get to the loot, the player would have to sneak into the zone and stealth kill the guards. Of course, there's always plan B, which is to go in guns blazing and raid the zone, however the player would need some advanced weapons and a large team to stand a chance against the soldiers. Once the goods are stolen, the player can escape and return to base with a shit ton of supplies

    • FARMING - In the apocalypse, growing your own food is sometimes the best option to survive. Having a farming system would allow for players to grow their own food to eat or trade to other communities. There is actually a farming mod already called Farming Life Project, so it could be a little like that

    • FISHING - Like farming, fishing is another good way to obtain food. Using a fishing rod (can be crafted or found), the player could catch fish in lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The fish can be eaten to restore food and energy points. Cooking it could allow for an even greater effect

    • RANDOM SCENARIOS - Imagine it's early in the morning and you're leaving your shelter to go scavenge and explore, and in the corner of your eye you see a group of zombies eating a dead corpse and having breakfast, or maybe you see a stranger asking you for help. Random scenarios would help incorporate a new level of detail and immersion

    • SIDE QUESTS - This is basically a continuation of the previous idea. Imagine having side quests in which you help a survivor with something (like find a certain object, kill a certain person, etc...) or do something for someone in return for loot

    • FUEL SYSTEM - It's common sense - nothing, not even the world's best car, can run forever. There could be a small display at the bottom of the screen that shows how much gas a certain car has left. When the bar runs out, the player must refuel it to get it running again. Gas stations, jerrycans, and other similar things could be used to refuel vehicles. In Simple Zombies, the only way to use this feature would be to install a separate mod, and that's just complicated and annoying. Having a general gas system for Undead Streets would be much easier and more realistic

    These are a few ideas that I believe would really be an amazing addition to this mod. I COMPLETELY understand that you are just one person doing this and that this all requires a lot of work, so if you are unable to develop some of these, or any at all, I totally understand. Creating a mod of this degree takes a lot of hard work and effort and I'm so very thankful to see someone stepping up and building something like this. Take your time and release this when you're ready, no need to rush. Thanks again!

  • @Survival-Gaming Wow these are some great ideas! Some of these I had already planned to do and some I will definitely look into long term.

    I've nearly got to the point where I'm happy to release an Alpha build. This will be the main 'core' of the mod, so zombies, vehicles, a prebuilt base/camp, random survivors, inventory and looting. Once this is up and working and has been tested publicly, I can get to work on some of the more technical aspects, such as crafting, object placing (base building), etc... Some of this I've started work on already but needs some more time to get fixed.

  • @TheSpaceDad sounds great! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • @TheSpaceDad open an discord group so we can chat there and get some ideas :D

    • dont forget to make something like upgrading the car making it more faster put some weapons in it and make a base that you can find some people to make something like a community or idk what to call it anyways i hope you get the point and like i said you should open a discord chat xD

  • Im very happy to here that u r working on this update..please make it available to 1.41v of game.
    In my town internet connectivity is costlier,updating game is impossible for me..

  • @kingarmado said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    @TheSpaceDad open an discord group so we can chat there and get some ideas :D

    • dont forget to make something like upgrading the car making it more faster put some weapons in it and make a base that you can find some people to make something like a community or idk what to call it anyways i hope you get the point and like i said you should open a discord chat xD

    Haha I don't think I'm quite at the Discord level yet, there has been a lot of interest in this mod as I can see from the wonderful coments and PMs I've received on here, but for now I think discussing this on here is sufficient. Of course if popular demand asked for it, I'd be happy to oblige!

    @Lovly said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    Im very happy to here that u r working on this update..please make it available to 1.41v of game.
    In my town internet connectivity is costlier,updating game is impossible for me..

    I'm playing and testing this on the latest version of GTA 5 that is on Steam, so whether this works with previous versions or not I would not be able to confirm I'm afraid, sorry!

  • Just as a quick update, I have one last feature to implement and test (saving/loading vehicles) and this will be ready for the first Alpha release, so expect to see something in the next few days. I apologise for the delay with this, with the state of things in the real world at present it's been hard to find the time, but as we're all soon about to be placed on lockdown I'll probably have a lot more time to devote to this! :laughing: :mask:

  • @TheSpaceDad Nice, can't wait to play! This mod really has potential and sounds really cool so I'm excited.

  • @TheSpaceDad
    what version of game do u have..??

  • I'm literally Drooling over this mod XD

  • My ideas about mod :

    • having level of zombie that we want ie. like cop ..
    • zombie horde
      -and any distraction material like throwing chicken..
    • some time recruited survivors are not obeying order ( bug )
    • other survivors follows and attack us and our camp
    • weapons from survivors gives unlimited ammo fix that , unlimited ammo makes the mod boring
    • breakable barriers by zombies
    • random rescue missions

  • @Lovly I think it's version 1.49? Not on my personal PC at the moment so can't check but fairly certain that's the latest version.

    As for your ideas, most things are customisable at present, such as whether to have fast zombies or not, how many active zombies (thereabouts) there are and whether they use random ped models (generally suited to the part of the map you're in, I think?) or whether to use a specific set of models that can be defined in a list in the '/Scripts/UndeadStreets/Settings/' directory.

    You can also specify whether to have survivors spawn in or not and again what models they use. Same for cars, and how many you'll find in the area. And same again for animals. Some survivors will be friendly and will join you if you ask. Some are neutral, so you can either leave them alone or go after them and take their weapons. And some are hostile - just deal with these if you can or run away if you can't!

    Animals will generally attack you, adds a bit more difficulty but I may tweak this depending on feedback. You'll need a knife in order to harvest meat from them, but for now I've given this to the player when you first spawn. One thing to note is that when you die you go back to your camp/base (not a hospital!) and you will lose the weapons you had and start with default weapons (pistol, knife and a sub-machine gun with a handful of bullets, will probably cut these back again later but for now I'll leave these) and you will lose the items you were carrying as well. However you can save/load your inventory at any time (will probably tweak this later so you can only do this at camp/base), and you can save/load your Group (recruited peds) and eventually vehicles (last thing for me to work on before first Alpha release!). This will be needed as once you die, it's basically back to square one!

    Cars are mostly broken/smoking but you can find some that work. I haven't implemented a vehicle fixing or upgrading feature yet as I'm unsure how to go about that - not that I don't know how to do it, more that I didn't like how easy it was to just find random bits and then fix cars in Simple Zombies. I'd like to make it a bit harder than that! I'm also going to implement a fuel system, but this won't be in the first Alpha release.

    As for base building and missions/random events, these are planned but need to get everything else working right first.

  • @TheSpaceDad God I'm just waiting to see a download link, I. WANT. IT. XD

  • Bro i'm soo hyped to this mod

  • @TheSpaceDad believe it or not mate few days before, i wanted to find someone who can handle the mod and update it and boom i saw that someone is already doing it and he posted a few days ago. Anyways i tried to download the simple zombies mod and it didnt work is this because you updating it? keep the good work mate i cant wait to try it, oh and yeah can you make it the latest gta version? :D

  • @kingarmado He is not the developer of Simple Zombies; this is a completely separate mod. Simple Zombies is very outdated so it's probably just not working or you may be downloading it wrong. Either way, I would just wait for Undead Streets (this mod) to be released and not mess around with Simple Zombies.

  • @kingarmado I'm not the developer of Simple Zombies, but that mod does work as I have a copy of it that works with latest GTA 5 version on Steam. One thing I will say is that when the first Alpha release of this comes out it will not have all the features of Simple Zombies as I have not yet included the base building or crafting (beyond cooking on campfire) features.

  • @Survival-Gaming ty mater appreciate that :D btw i have a question i know its not ready yet but when is it going to be released the alpha this week second week i can't wait lol

  • @kingarmado Well UK was just officially placed on lockdown (although not as rigid as rest of Europe lol) so I'm going to have a bit more time to work on this, so hopefully in next few days!

  • @kingarmado no problem

  • @TheSpaceDad what programming language you use?

  • @kingarmado C# (.NET Framework 4.8)

  • @TheSpaceDad sorry for all those questions but i have one more xD will we have to pay or something to test the alpha? bcz some games that are on alpha they have to pay to get the link

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