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[SCRIPT] [Alpha] Undead Streets

  • Hey bro, do u know when (u think) u will launch the alpha?

  • this mod is incompatible with simple zombies but I think this type of mission would work great in your mod


  • @kingarmado said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    @TheSpaceDad sorry for all those questions but i have one more xD will we have to pay or something to test the alpha? bcz some games that are on alpha they have to pay to get the link

    No payments everything is free! :money_mouth:

    @Krozz said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    Hey bro, do u know when (u think) u will launch the alpha?

    Soon™ :wink:

    @littlefilms said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    this mod is incompatible with simple zombies but I think this type of mission would work great in your mod


    Yes these will be one of the types of missions I'd like to have, where you're asked to transport someone or something somewhere. Also obligatory fetch quests and rescue missions! :laughing:

  • Hey Space Dad, I dm'ed you regarding this mod!

  • in my version of simple zombies, I added more lootable places using dnspy. Instead of just 24/7 shops being lootable for "packaged food" I added extra options like bins, vending machines etc. Thought this might be useful for your mod since it incentivizes players to do exploration in areas they probably wouldn't go.


  • @littlefilms Thanks for that, yes I'd thought about this and haven't added the stores being lootable yet but I like your idea as well, thank you for that! :smiley:

  • @littlefilms

    how did you add that ?

  • @TheSpaceDad Hey ! A version is available ? And pls if you add bodyguard, make them more intelligent than the bodyguard in the mod "Zombie Mod" XDD Thx to answer !!! ^^

  • @Aviox_ said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    @TheSpaceDad Hey ! A version is available ? And pls if you add bodyguard, make them more intelligent than the bodyguard in the mod "Zombie Mod" XDD Thx to answer !!! ^^

    When you say 'more intelligent' what do you mean exactly? I've added in the ability to give them basic tasks (Follow, Guard, Stay, Wander, Leave Group) but they still just shoot the zombies in the body and don't go for headshots... :face_palm:

  • @TheSpaceDad btw how the mod going ? :D

  • I have a few small ideas as well just from what I've seen others playing SZ. I'm not sure if you can control the mods menu aspect but I've seen people have full weapons load out as soon as they start. To me I like a challenge and feel everyone should be able to start off equally as if you were actually there and couldn't just pull weapons and ammo out of thin air Haha. But to each there own.

    Another small thing would be once you build a flash light attaching it to a pistol would make life a lil easier when you have to hunt in the dark. Speaking of hunting in the dark. Maybe be able to setup better rewards if you have to search buildings as someone suggested. Not sure about positioning certain peds in areas like that to make it more challenging but definitely rewarding to clear out a building.

    I've noticed in other zombie vehicle packs they use the same vehicles mostly but there is one where they use mainly Van's and bigger vehicles to give the idea of actually moving from area to area. Maybe rewards of some sort for checking vehicles? And my final idea as for now is I love the look of the grass being over grown in the city to show it's been a while since this apocalyptic disaster happened. Hope i was helpful in picking your brain at a few ideas. And the best of luck to your son to be loved test release!! I get my PC tomorrow and haven't been in the modding community since SA. But can't wait to get back in the game. No pun intended haha

  • @CrAsH67 @TheSpaceDad yeah and make the flashlight to have battery too and one more idea that would be great its to have only 4 inventory's or slots whatever ;D

  • @CrAsH67 At present you so start with a few weapons but I'm going to make this default to less later on, probably make it customisable. Essentially I'm trying to make everything as customisable as possible, so people can create their own tailormade experiences! Weapons crafting will come later, and I intend to make weapon addons craftable.

    @kingarmado I would love to do the 4 slot weapon idea, so that the player cannot carry round the small arsenal that it can at present, but this isn't a scriptable thing it's part of something else and would involve editing other files (and loading them using OpenIV) and I'm trying to move away from that. To explain why the player has so much stuff on them the default male and female models are carrying big bags!

    I've actually implemented the zoning feature now (again customisable) so you can choose whether to have it so that when you are in the city (Los Santos) there will be double the amount of zombies, vehicles and animals. Also you will get different kinds of vehicles and animals in the city (which again can be customisable in the settings).

    Also, I've still got to get the personal vehicle save/load feature working properly! :tired_face:

  • @TheSpaceDad
    Sounds great and likd you have a full idea of how you want everything planned out as in for the long run of things. I can understand the making everything as customizable for each player's experience tho. Good luck and I won't be the one interrupting anymore as I sit here and wait for my PC to get here tomorrow lol huge thanks tho!!!

  • @sisken
    You need to download Dnspy bro:


    then you need "ScriptHookVDotNet.dll" from here:


    throw the ScriptHookVDotNet.dll into your scripts folder don't forget to delete that before launching the game!, you only need the ScriptHookVDotNet.dll in ur scripts folder when using dnspy.

    Launch Dnspy (dnSpy.exe) and then open "ZombiesMod.dll"

    You'll see "ZombiesMod (" options on the left, just open the drop down menu until you get to "ZombiesMod.Scripts" where you'll see "loot247", there you'll be able to add those lines, it should be the first thing you see. Hope that helps bro

  • @sisken
    you can also use DNspy to edit other options in the mod. I made mine so there's more chances of runners at night, as well as how early they appear. I also made it so they can climb objects, e,g If I climb on top a crate, they will do the same. You can also make it so they can climb ladders which can be OP but fun.

  • @littlefilms Yes I've already made the fast zombies in my mod able to climb stuff (but not ladders). Otherwise you can just climb on a car and be untouchable and the zombies often just stand still and do nothing!

  • @TheSpaceDad Hmmmm... Well It's a pity because if the peds can't kill zombies, beaucoup they'll be useless like in the "Zombie Mod".
    And i wanted to make a base with armed guards in the "Zombie Mod" but the number of bodyguards is
    limited to 7 :/ Are you going to limited that to 7 too ?
    And are you going to make more structures like Ladder, WatchTower for making nice bases ?
    (Sorry For my Bad English I'm French) Thx ^^


    @TheSpaceDad Wondering if they can also jump to the top of vans, trucks, trailers?
    For example, can they jump to the roof of a truck like "Boxville" from any part of the vehicle or they have to do it from the front of the vehicle (the engine zone can be jumped easily, and from there to the roof aswell)?

  • @Aviox_ I'll experiment with the ped accuracy settings and see if that makes much of a difference, I didn't want to make them too OP as they are essentially just random people so they wouldn't be that good anyway.

    @Reyser Not sure actually I'll check that!

  • as i see you a good programmer lol i can't wait to try and play it
    btw what if i put the mod on the official gta directory does affect the online?

  • @TheSpaceDad Yeah, but don't make a limit at 7 peds if we do big base, I'm very excited about your mod I hope it will come in the week ^^ Like we say in French : Continue comme ça ^^

  • @Aviox_ There's no limit at the moment, I hadn't thought of implementing one! Working on it right now, no exact ETA yet just polishing stuff now trying to avoid adding any more features as otherwise I'll never get it out! :joy:

  • @TheSpaceDad so the mod is "done"?

  • @TheSpaceDad If you would like, I could throw together a little trailer for the mod using the Rockstar Editor once you release it. Might be a cool way to promote it.

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