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[SCRIPT] [Alpha] Undead Streets

  • System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'UndeadStreets.Main' threw an exception. ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'NativeUI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
    at UndeadStreets.Main..cctor()
    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
    at UndeadStreets.BlipController.OnTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at SHVDN.Script.MainLoop()
    [14:34:50] [ERROR] The exception was thrown while executing the script UndeadStreets.BlipController.
    [14:34:50] [WARNING] Aborted script UndeadStreets.BlipController.

    This is what the log says, Just updated NativeUI, so not Sure whats going on. might be conflicting with some mods

  • Yeah it looks like its having a problem loading NativeUI. Try removing all mods that aren't on the Requirements list.

  • I have quite a few. I'll remove em. can you send a screenshot of your GTA Directory? not sure what to delete xd

  • @TheSpaceDad when this mod it will be uploaded?

  • @kingarmado Check the first post. :wink:

    @BornStupid Sorry not on PC at the moment, I'm using a clean fully updated GTA 5 copy from steam, so no mods added using OpenIV. I've got the requirements I've listed on first post installed and nothing more. Scripts folder should only have this mod and NativeUI in it.

  • @TheSpaceDad I check the Alpha and it's very good for an alpha !
    Bugs :
    -Try to work on the FPS because sometime i'm at 100/150 FPS and othertime at 30 FPS
    -The button to save vehicles says always "You're not in a personal vehicle"
    -Some zombies dispawn in front of me

    • The peds don't follow me when I'm climbing something

    To Change (For me) :

    • Neutral/Hostil Peds should be sometime in a car and not always at foot
    • Peds can have differents weapon and not always AK-47

    To Add :

    • Structures (Ladder,Floor,Wall.....)
      -A menu to give a weapon to a ped
      -Survivant camp that we can raid or trading with
      -We can loot 24/7's shops
      -A item that we can craft to repair vehicle
      -Weapons/Ammos that can be in specific location (Police station, military base....)
      -THE PEDS SHOOT THE HEAD OF THE ZOMBIES !!! Because they're very useless here, they need 100 rounds of AK-47 to kill a zombie :/

    I'll tell you more thing to add/change after, but you have a good list here x)
    I know that you can't do all of that (specificly survival camp) in one or two update but I think that you can add some of my ideas on the futur.
    Thank You to develop a new zombie mod because I love that ! And I think that if you make updates frequently, youtubers will make videos of your mods, and that'll be good for the mod. Tell me if you're going to add my ideas or not.
    i hope an update is coming soon :D
    Continue comme ça ^^
    (Sorry for my bad english, i'm french :/ )

  • @Aviox_ Thank you for testing this out! Yes it needs some code optimisation, it runs ok on my desktop but it's a beefy machine. Not so great on my laptop but I assumed that's because it was a potato! I'll work on tidying some stuff up and hopefully that will help. Try adjusting the zombie and vehicle and animal spawn numbers in the Settings.ini file and see if that helps?

    Regarding the climbing, yes it's annoying even the fast zombies don't really climb. I'll look into that!

    You have to register a vehicle first before saving it. Find a working vehicle and then go into mod menu and select Register, then Save. You have to be in the vehicle to register.

    Weapons for player and survivor need to be changed, I'm going to make those fully customisable as well.

    One thing I forgot to mention in documentation is that if you do select custom vehicles to load in they can be MP vehicles as well. I haven't put safeguards in to check if they are boats or planes or bikes though so I need to do that! I'm going to add those in properly at some point.

  • @Aviox_ Oh and as for the other ideas yes they are all on my to do list, don't worry! :wink:

  • @TheSpaceDad Awesome ! ;)

  • @TheSpaceDad for me it still says "Sorry, this file is still pending admin approval. Please check back later." idk what to do ?


    @kingarmado Seems like @TheSpaceDad hasn't uploaded a file to the mod page yet. You can grab the file from the GitHub releases page.

    Seems like something could've gone wrong while uploading, so you might want to reupload it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kingarmado said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    @TheSpaceDad for me it still says "Sorry, this file is still pending admin approval. Please check back later." idk what to do ?


  • @ikt ok ty :D

  • Ok it should now be uploaded to gta5-mods.com!

  • @TheSpaceDad
    How often do you think the updates will be?
    one every two weeks?

  • @Aviox_ As and when I'm afraid! I'm at home a lot more because of the coronavirus shutdown here in Britain, but I'm still working from home plus children off school so it's all very hectic! I'm working on a few fixes at the moment and will push those out once I've tested them and have added in a couple of small new features, so hopefully in next few days.

  • @TheSpaceDad said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:


    Get it ^^

  • @TheSpaceDad One idea is a way to modify your cars to make them more "apocalyptic" and bases around the map to raid/trade like Aviox already said.
    Now i'm going to test the mod and report some bugs or more ideas.

  • @TheSpaceDad I got an new idea to add :
    A button "Save All" to save the peds,weapons, and structures at once.

  • @Aviox_ said in [SCRIPT] [WIP] Undead Streets:

    @TheSpaceDad I got an new idea to add :
    A button "Save All" to save the peds,weapons, and structures at once.

    One step ahead of you... :wink:

  • @TheSpaceDad i played it and its amazing for the beginning so i found a bug or whatever it is, anyways while you driving there no zombie on the road the car light should work i have some ideas

    • you should add some stores to get food on the next update
      -some drops of merryweather or to find some loot on the police station to find ammo, armor, grenades idk
      -flashlights with battery
      -the last one its super cool like put a bunker on the game find supplies make weapons and trade them with survivors for food cars anything.
    • fuel

    i hope you put my ideas on the mod keep it up mate appreciate your work :D

  • @kingarmado Thanks! Looting stores, flashlights and fuel I am working on now. Crafting, other camps and eventually base building are all on the to-do list. Not too sure about the weapons drops, didn't want this to be an exact clone of Simple Zombies! :joy: I'm going to add in more survivors and more weapons so the idea being you'll need to take other people's weapons, plus I'm going to make it so you can give and take weapons from recruited survivors.

  • @TheSpaceDad i have more ideas to make the game harder
    -put limited ammo bcz we dont want to have 9999 ammo it get boring when you full with ammo

    • what we need when we are low on health?? bandages and med kits
    • you should make the hunger and thirst fall faster so we can go loot for food and water.
      we need zombies while you drive too so you should fix that,
      anyways take your time mate this mod its gonna be so cool
      take care ;D

  • @TheSpaceDad BUG or glitch or whatever it is XD when you eat something or drink something you dont have them anymore on your inventory so i tried to load again the inventory and boom all the resources back again fix that is important :)

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