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How to uninstall RDE

  • I need to uninstall Realism Dispatch Enhanced asap because it is causing my game to crash and no fixes have actually fixed it. The models are messed up as well (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=778176169)

    I have not found a single post or thread ANYWHERE in the interwebs that explains how to uninstall it so hopefully someone here can help me :D

  • @TheSwagLlama You have to put the original files back by yourself, or out the original update.rpf into the mods folder. But you may lose other modified files. Remove the RDE line from the dlclist.xml.

    I use RDE too, it never crashed my game nor messed up ped models. So you may have installed something wrong or you have installed other ped models which are conflicting with RDE.

  • @Akila_Reigns So you're saying that RDE only edits update.rpf? If that's so, then i guess i could restore it to original.

  • @TheSwagLlama I'm 90% sure, please check the RDE folder. I can't tell you because I'm not with my PC right now.

  • What worked for me was before I install RDE - I made a separate GTA V main file (rename the original file to (mods)) and use the new GTA V main file - just for the RDE stuff (cars, uniforms, whatever) and use that. And then when I want to stop playing RDE - I just do a switch-a-roo - make my GTA V-Mods file just GTA V again, and rename my RDE one - GTA V - RDE.

  • @Bobbo662 Thats what I also do for RDE

  • I uninstalled RDE. Peds and car replaces works, but guns, I replaced pistol, assault rifle, and they are not in game there are just the orginal ones. Help!!

  • @lt-Bobby How did you able to uninstall. As RDE is causing crash. i am not been able to fix it so far.

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