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Modifications without ban in online

  • here's the thing: one guy modifies archives with some program so he doesn't get ban in online but he won't help with this question. can you do such modification in another way?


    If you've not touched any game files (e.g. use something like Lenny's Mod Loader, or OpenIV's mod folder method) you can just disable the asi loader and hop into MP without issues.

  • @rulik99 Seems like you are asking how to mod for online use, that is not supported on this site. Mods here are for single player offline and some will work for FiveM.

  • no i ask for single player. rockstar anticheat can detect asi loader even if you don't go online with modded files.

  • @rulik99 My apologies, it just appeared that was the situation based on the wording. But since it is not the situation, just like ikt stated, use the mod folder that OpenIV can create for you to help keep your vanilla files untouched so you don't get banned. When you want to go online safely, the only thing you would need to do is rename the file named dinput8.dll (this file is the asi loader ikt mentions to disable) to something like 1dinput8.dll and the mods will not load nor be recognized by Rockstar. Rename it back to the original name to play SP with mods. I searched for a Lenny's Mod Loader on the site but could not find it, so recommend using OpenIV.

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