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Vehicle steering speed.

  • Is there any way to adjust the speed the front wheels turn while steering? I searched the handling.meta file. I found a line that sets the maximum turning angle but not how fast it turns. I even looked into scripthook SDK's several c# functions to find a way to tweak it. But so far I had no luck. Im looking to create a realistic driving mod by tweaking Chang63's simcade physics mod. Solved almost all other issues but don't know how to solve the issue with the steering. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    No, but yes.

    Not from any files or via scripting functions.

    My script overrides steering completely and there it is possible to customize how the steering responds to key inputs, but I hardcoded my steering to (almost) match V's default speed.


    @Illuminaty-Here There's a mod that I use (and I'm very happy with it) which allows us to control how long does the vehicle take to do a full turn (aka full steering). Is this one: https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/scripts/18297-no-more-feathering/

    Sadly, it does not control how fast it starts turning and the author seems to be inactive for a long time. If it was actually supporting that, combined with @ikt's Manual Transmission mod, the driving feeling would be the most realistic possible until now for V.

  • @ikt Thank you for the reply. I thought that mod was meant to be used with a steering wheel only. And i use a controller. Anyway I'll give it a try.

    Update: I tried your mod. Its a wonderful mod with various functionalities. But it is still not what I am looking for. In the game when you press the button to steer, the front wheel almost instantly moves to the steering angle. What im looking for is a way to reduce the speed at which the wheels turn instead of turning in an instance. This would definitely make the driving (steering) look more realistic. Currently the speed at which the wheels turn looks ridiculous (and very annoying for me).

  • @Reyser First off, thank you for the reply. The mod you mentioned works good with a keyboard. But not with a controller. Is there anyway to fix it?


    @Illuminaty-Here Sadly I don't think so. I've been searching a lot for the same feature but I couldn't find any mod that includes it.

  • @ikt Saw your mod's source code. Its unfortunate that you hard coded your mod to match the steering speed of the game. Lemme go through your code and see if i can make any changes. But being new to this game modding, it appears to be quite difficult. Seems like you did a lot of hardwork. Any information or tips i can get regarding your code to decrease the turning speed of the wheel while steering?

  • Fixed the issue. Thanks to @ikt and his source code uploaded on github. Made the changes myself with his help. Once again, thank you @ikt .



    What did you end up setting the lerp time factor to?

    I might make it configurable some time, when I've stopped drowning in work.

  • A common complaint about power-assist steering systems in vehicles is that the system provides so much steering assist at higher speeds that the driver cannot feel the road, contributing to an out-of-control feeling

  • @ikt Im so sorry for late reply.

    In the if condition I set the value to 0.05f
    And in the else condition I set it to 0.1f

    Be warned though, even though it looks more realistic, driving becomes a bit harder. But once you get used to this, it won't be an issue. Atleast I got used to it quite soon. 😄

  • Hi, I have the same issue with the steering as @Illuminaty-Here . I would like to be able to reduce it aswell like you did with @ikt . I have no idea how to do it myself right now though. Could you tell me how you did it and if there is a possibility of releasing a mod making it easier to adjust that soon?

  • @Torvick Im using a self modified version of @ikt 's manual transmission mode where i tweaked the steering speed.
    Contact me on discord if you want more information. (@Dpn#7807)

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